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Amina theEmpress

Amina Lynne Boyd, also known by Amina theEmpress, is a multi-faceted artist born and raised in Buffalo, New York. The 28 yr old singer/songwriter has an extensive musical history. Growing up with jazz and funk enthusiasts as parents, soul music was deeply embedded in her being. She showed early signs of artistic ability, especially her capacity to carry a tune. She draws her motivation from various artists including Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, Sade, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Erykah Badu, Earth Wind & Fire, & George Benson.  As a young church soloist, Amina established herself as a vocal powerhouse at the tender age of 7. She taught herself to play piano by ear and at 9, she began taking lessons with Doug 'Trigger' Gaston through Illos Piano Rebuilders. She was a regular member of City Honors School chorus' in middle and high school, led by Linda Appleby and  Wallace Odden.

Aside from the music, Amina has always been gifted artistically. She spent hours as a child designing clothing and the interior of homes. She was fond of photography and always found herself behind a camera, from film to disposable, polaroid, and digital. She enjoys painting and digital design as well. During her college years, she was the co-founder of a design company called Crowd of ExceIlence, which specialized in screen printing, graphic design, and photography. In 2013, Amina graduated with her BA in Media Production from Buffalo State College and in 2015, she completed a Visual Effects Post Graduate Certificate Program at the International Center for Excellence in Animation (ICEA) through Daemen College. She is a proud member of Panthfrica and Women’s Resistance Revival Chorus. She is the founder of Arthaus Buffalo, a developing non-profit entity whose mission is to empower individuals by unlocking a deeper element of art in the WNY area.

TheEmpress released her debut album in 2016, titled ‘Transitions,’ to rave reviews, and began to rapidly emerge into the local music scene. She performed at countless venues and events across the Buffalo region including, Larkin Square, ECMC's Spring Gala, For Our Daughters Gala, Dinosaur BBQ, Old Man River, Tralf Music Hall, Canalside, Buffalo Iron Works, & Burchfield Penney Arts Center. Empress is developing new material to release later this year. TheEmpress’ motto is raising the vibration and she does just that with her cognizant lyrics and mindful artwork. The Empress is most passionate about the enhancement of artistic expression and channels her energy towards educating, creating space, and building resources for young developing artists of color. She believes that art is the souls expression and is working diligently to design a space equipped with tools necessary for young artists to succeed. Stay connected. Now is the time to bridge gaps and work collectively to raise the vibration.

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