Amina ‘theEmpress’ Boyd is a multi-dimensional artist born and raised in Buffalo NY. She showed early signs of artistic ability including her capacity to carry a tune. First sightings of theEmpress on stage started around the age of 7. She was a part of chorus at City Honors and spent countless hours developing her voice at home. 

TheEmpress released her debut album in 2016, titled ‘Transitions,’ to rave reviews. Following the release, she performed at countless venues and events across the Buffalo region. Empress has been developing new material to release later this year. TheEmpress’ motto is raising the vibration and she does just that with her cognizant lyrics, mindful artwork, and knack for educating the youth. 

She is the founder of Arthaus Buffalo, a screen-print and design company whose mission is to empower individuals by unlocking a deeper element of art in the WNY area. Visit the mission page for more information about Arthaus.

She is a proud member of Panthfrica and Women’s Resistance Revival Chorus. 

There is an extensive network of creatives in the Buffalo area that are thriving in their respective lanes. Now is the time to bridge gaps and work collectively to raise the vibration.